Cultural Revolutions

Latino Fretting

Two days before Christmas, Edward Schumacher-Matos, a scribe for the Washington Post, worked himself into a lather because he believes the GOP is doomed at the ballot box unless it accommodates “Latino” concerns, mainly on immigration.

Schumacher-Matos is wrong.  The GOP can retain control of American politics as long as it gets most of the white vote, and, of course, if it reforms immigration laws and stops the invading reconquistadores from south of the border.

Wrote Schumacher-Matos, “Some Republicans are crowing over the 2010 Census, but any red-state gains they make will depend on two big ifs: whether the party undergoes a virtual religious conversion and supports immigrants, or it gerrymanders like mad.

“Most news reports this week on the new population figures understated the size of the immigrant impact.  If you add their American-born children, immigrants accounted for fully three-fourths of the nation’s population growth over the past decade. . . .

“It would be wonderful if the GOP saw the light and tried to incorporate these new Americans, who generally are socially conservative. . . .

“Predictions for 2012 depend on how you interpret the November results.  According to the national exit poll, Latinos voted 60 to 38 for Democrats in November, a significant gap but a surmountable one if you handily win the much larger white vote,...

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