Ladygun Speaks Out

Letter From Rockford

Firearms.  A single word describes an almost infinite number of individual items and has the power to polarize an entire world.  I have a personal stake in the debate.  I own firearms and shoot not only for pleasure but on a competitive level.  Why am I bringing this particular fact to light?  Because I live in Rockford, Illinois, and our state is attempting to become the first statewide gun-free zone in the country.

The bill currently languishing in the state’s Senate Rules Committee is SB1195, and it is only one of about a dozen “antigun” bills that were introduced in February of this year.  SB1195 would make felons of a huge number of Illinois residents unless they destroy, render inoperable, hand over to law enforcement, or remove from Illinois a very long list of firearms and firearms accessories.

The bill reads, in part:

The General Assembly finds that the high rate of fire and capacity for firepower of semiautomatic assault weapons, assault weapon attachments, and large capacity ammunition feeding devices pose a significant threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this State, that the use of these weapons, devices, or attachments for sport or recreation is substantially outweighed by the danger these weapons or devices present to human life, and that restrictions should therefore be placed on the manufacture, delivery,...

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