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Ladies Against the Constitution

On balance, would you say you are for or against gun violence? How about motherhood? Pro or con? How about keeping firearms away from children? I know that these are all contentious debates nowadays, and that most of us have to think awfully hard before deciding such questions. Somehow, though, I suspect that a decent majority of us have nagging doubts about the desirability of preteen firefights, at least on school premises.

Now, you may think that these imaginary survey questions are ludicrous, and anyone framing a debate in such a way was simply joking. If you think so, then you clearly were not watching the media coverage of the so-called "Million Mom March" which kept the chattering classes busy during a slow news week this past May. The Marching Moms claimed just to be seeking "responsible" and "sensible" gun laws, which meant registration of all guns and licensing of all owners, "just like cars and drivers," as well as built-in gun locks and "childproofing" weapons. These measures were intended to stop the gun "epidemic," which reputedly claims the lives of 12 children a day in the United States. Forsaking the slightest nod toward objectivity, pretty much the entire mass media portrayed the march's issues in the terms chosen by the group's organizers, who appeared repeatedly in sycophantic television interviews, unchallenged by speakers from any rival perspective....

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