Cultural Revolutions

L.A. Mayoral Elections

The L.A. Mayoral election has been misunderstood and misrepresented by the national media, which rarely understands the consequences of events taking place in California, a state that functions more like a separate nation.  The media portrayed former California Assembly speaker and L.A. city councilman Antonio Villaraigosa’s landslide victory in May as a national example for other politicians as well as a reflection of growing Latino power.

Newsweek, for example, reported in a May 30 cover story that, “Faced with such GOP incursions, Democrats will be studying Villaraigosa’s formula for victory, hoping to replicate it in other races nationwide—where the terrain may be more challenging than two Democrats squaring off in a Left Coast city.”

Well, the latter part of the sentence is certainly true, but I would love to know what Democrats will learn in a city so devoid of a Republican presence that the GOP did not even field a candidate, although one independent and unknown primary candidate was, technically, a Republican.

Here is one potential lesson: Continue to embrace open borders and the simultaneous expansion of the welfare state, and your city (or county or state) will become increasingly Latino, and, eventually, Latinos will win high office.  Consider that almost 50 percent of Los Angeles residents are Latino, even though, as Newsweek notes, only about...

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