Kavanaugh and the Roe Dance

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination by President Trump for the blessed vacancy left by retiring justice Anthony Kennedy, author of the civilization-defying Obergefell opinion, supplied the heat necessary to cause the vaunted American melting pot to boil over and reveal its rancid contents.  Those contents included the innocent limbs and brains of David Daleiden videos, eagerly devoured by medical research companies and left-liberals zealous to protect a woman’s right to kill.

America’s alabaster cities of beautiful patriot dreams now burn with a bloodlust outshining that of the recipients of Beecher’s Bibles in Bleeding Kansas.

On Independence Day, Netflix posted the infantile comedienne Michelle Wolf’s “Salute to Abortion,” setting the mood like a dark overture less than a week before Trump’s announcement.  Similarly, ABC News prepared viewers for a discussion of Trump’s “controversial” nomination even before they knew who it was.  That detail was unnecessary: Whoever he (or she) turned out to be, he was going to be the justice to tip the scales toward an imagined holocaust of women, by stopping a real holocaust of children.  Miss Wolf confirmed her status as the Woke Generation’s spokesman of the moment, eschewing the cautious and duplicitous language of Bill Clinton, who claimed to want to make abortion “safe, legal, and...

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