Cultural Revolutions

Justice for Tommy

Harvard’s Cass Sunstein recently complained that conservatives’ slippery-slope arguments about the left’s latest push to codify and enforce radical equality are intellectually “lazy.”  Sunstein and his followers give the example of conservative opposition to gay marriage, which often includes the observation that “the Supreme Court shouldn’t force states to recognize same-sex marriages because, if it does, it will have to require states to recognize polygamous marriages,” or allow humans to wed animals.  Rick Santorum still catches heat because of his 2003 comment that marriage is between a man and a woman and “not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.”  The left is always quick to attack when animals are mentioned and smartly points out that a human-animal union is impossible under the law because, duh, animals aren’t persons and can’t consent to marital bliss with a human.

The left’s elite opinionmakers need to be careful in poking fun at slippery-slope arguments on human-animal unions.  After all, the liberal vanguard is far out in front of the army and is winning battles for the recognition of animal personhood.

Just a few months ago, an Argentinian court held that an orangutan is a “person” and thus was being illegally detained in a Buenos Aires zoo.  The ruling came...

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