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Judicial Taxation Without Representation

There is an unattributed quotation that says, "The average taxpayer is the first of America's natural resources to be exhausted." The American people have turned away from a big, activist federal government because they feel they have been forgotten; in fact, taxpayer resources have long been exhausted.

Today, average Americans, forgotten by the bloated bureaucratic culture of Washington, get up in the morning, get their kids ready for school, pack their lunches, go off to work, come home, fix dinner, make sure their kids do their homework, do some housework, and go to bed only to start the routine all over again the next morning. In the process, average Americans are working harder today than ever before, but taking home less and less money. Why? Because they are paying more in taxes today than ever before. In 1950, the average American paid one dollar out of every 50 dollars earned in federal taxes. Today, the average American pays one dollar out of every four.

In two-income families, the second wage earner is working just to pay state, local, and federal taxes—a nearly 40 percent tax burden on total family income. There is a chapter that normally appears in the federal budget called "Generational Forecasts," which states that if we don't change the way government on all levels spends our money, by the time children born after the year 1992 enter the workforce, they will be paying a combined...

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