Chronicles magazine is an established periodical that has been a stronghold of intelligent, conservative discourse on Western and American culture for more than 40 years. Influencing the influential, more than a third of its 7,000 subscribers hold advanced degrees, and its readership includes captains of industry, politicians, bishops, and professors, making it an attractive outlet for sponsors.

Chronicles’ target audiences include:

  1. millennials and Gen Xers who buy into the need to advance Western Civilization and seek like-minded individuals who want to build a better future for their families;
  2. interested and curious zoomers, millennials, and Gen Xers who understand that we are living in a culturally chaotic time and are searching for truth and seeking guidance;
  3. boomers and older who are dissatisfied with the current culture and want to do everything they can to help their children and grandchildren.

Since Chronicles is a non-profit, any sponsorship would count as a donation for the sponsoring organization.

For more information on a sponsorship with Chronicles, connect xxxxxx at xxxxxxxx.