Under the Black Flag

Jewish Antisemistism

“The only thing missing is the sign Arbeit Macht Frei,” said an English friend as we watched a British-made documentary on the children of Gaza.  My wife, a German, winced.  I did not.  Watching a Palestinian father break down and cry while an Israeli official refuses him an exit permit so his seven-year-old son can have a cancerous brain tumor treated makes one’s blood boil.  The boy had lain in his father’s arms in the hot son for seven hours, and then the family had been told no dice.  Par for the course, was all I said.  I’d seen such treatment of Palestinians before, in the West Bank and in Gaza, and that is the reason I will never set foot in Israel and the occupied territories again—except, of course, if the stolen lands are ever returned.  The horror of what the Israelis are doing to a people, under Uncle Sam’s benevolent gaze, is so shocking and dispiriting that there is only one thing to do: Put it out of one’s mind and hope for divine revenge.

Since June 1967 Israel has murdered, jailed, killed, bombed, and expelled thousands upon thousands of innocents, starting with the attack on the USS Liberty, the observation ship she strafed and bombed on June 6, 1967.  Lyndon Johnson, under pressure from the Israeli lobby, hushed it up.  I have no space to list the outrages committed by Israel against all and sundry, such as the recent assassination...

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