In the Dark

Jekyll and Hyde in a Box

Mr. Brooks
Produced and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
Directed by Bruce A. Evans
Screenplay by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon

Last month, the Wall Street Journal gleefully doted on billionaire wonderboy Stephen Schwarzman of the aptly named Blackstone Group, a firm dealing in private equities and leveraged buyouts.  Schwarzman, George W. Bush’s roommate at Yale and Skull and Bones brother, wished to inform all who cared that, when he pursues a deal, he wants to “inflict pain” and “kill off” his rivals.  So there we have it.  In American business today, it pays to have murder in your heart.  Who can doubt the wisdom of Schwarz-man’s lethal intent?  He’s a billionaire seven times over.  Can’t argue with that.

There is some collateral damage, however: It’s not just rivals who must go to the chopping block.  The American public also must feel pain so that Schwarzman and his kind may enjoy the success they so richly deserve.  American workers must watch their jobs disappear as they are replaced by illegal immigrants here or by slave labor in China.  If this leaves Americans scrambling for enough to support their families, and strips them of health insurance and pensions—well, too bad.  And so what if Chinese manufacturers use lead paint on the...

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