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By:John Seiler | December 17, 2014

I’m hoping Jeb Bush will run for president – because his guaranteed demise would be what I hope would be a fitting end to the Bush Dynasty.

Earlier this month he said:

“I kind of know how a Republican can win, whether it’s me or somebody else—and it has to be much more uplifting, much more positive, much more willing to be, ‘lose the primary to win the general’ without violating your principles. It’s not an easy task, to be honest with you.”

In other words, if he isn’t elected, it’s because he’s too good for us! That’s similar to his earlier remarks that Americans should welcome massive immigration because we’re impotent loafers who should be displaced by active and philoprogenitive foreigners.

And what “principles” has the Bush Dynasty ever had besides enriching themselves and the rest of the moneyed elite?

There are three main reasons why Bush won’t slide behind the desk in the Oval Office. First, if the Republicans manage to win the whole thing, the winner almost certainly will champion immigration restriction. Whether the candidate, once in office, betrays the voters on immigration, as Republicans in Congress now are repudiating the Nov. 4 vote, is another matter.

But immigration will be the issue of 2016, especially in the GOP primary gauntlet.

Second, Bush backs the centralizing Common Core schools scheme. According to Bloomberg, he’s calling it an extension of his “A+ Plan” from when he was governor of Florida, which emphasized standards and testing. But why is this a federal job? And Common Core, in addition to dumbing down standards already existing in many states, is a massive politically correct brainwashing effort.

Feisty local networks of conservatives have grown up around the country to oppose Common Core and strongly will oppose any Bush candidacy.

Third, Americans still have Bush fatigue. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars Jeb’s brother, President George W., started and lost still are simmering, as the new war against ISIS shows. And the country only partly has recovered from the 2008 economic meltdown that hit as W. was heading out the door.

Pappy Bush, president 25 years ago, is remembered more fondly. But he also had an Iraq fixation and crashed the economy, in his case after breaking his solemn 1988 GOP Convention pledge, “Read my lips! No new taxes!”

Despite all this, I like to be helpful. So here’s a slogan for Jeb’s campaign, “I’ll finish the job my dad and W. started in Iraq!”



Tom Piatak
Cleveland, OH
12/17/2014 08:02 PM

  An excellent post.

Bryan Fox
12/17/2014 09:08 PM

  Do not under estimate the gullibility and poor reasoning of the average GOP primary voter. Jeb and his backers are assuming voters in the Southern red states would hold their nose and pull his lever, especially if his opponent is Hillary. Virginia Senator Jim Webb is considering a run at the Democrat nomination and he, ironically, is more conservative then Jeb Bush. Unfortunately the Bush dynasty won;t end with Jeb's demise.. His carpetbagging son was elected to Land Commissioner in Texas by fools and he certainly will use this as the first step in the planned ascension to higher state offices and then nationally. The Connecticut Yankees are not through plaguing us.

12/17/2014 09:34 PM

  The elites have decided that immigration will not be an issue that is discussed by any of the vetted, legitimate candidates of either party. As Rand Paul said in the past, and I heard Rush Limbaugh say yesterday "nobody is talking about deportation." If nobody is talking about deportation, then the only argument is only about how fast you legalize them. The elites decide what issues will be discussed and then they narrowly frame the boundaries of the discussion. There will not be any legitimate candidate in 2016 who suggests deportation or any decrease of legal immigration.

Harry Heller
San Francisco
12/18/2014 12:24 PM

  I will never vote for Jeb. If it mattered for me (as a California Republican, my vote is meaningless), I would vote for the Democrat over Jeb. He is likely to be as bad or possibly worse than his brother and father. As is, it will be 3rd party again (the only GOP candidate for Prez I voted for was Reagan in 84; I've never voted Democrat for any office). ///// That said, I fear Jeb will have an excellent chance, both to secure the nomination, and to win the general. He is the former Gov of a major swing state; he will have barrels of corporatist/NWO money (eg, American Crossroads, and probably the "neoliberal not libertarian" Koch Bros.); and he has a nonwhite wife, who is preciously Hispanic to boot (this will go over very well with the doltish GOP grassroots; and just imagine their joy if he picked Dr. Ben Carson for his VP! a racial trifecta). ///// Finally, in the after-New Deal era (the New Deal I think qualifying as a decisive turning point in our nation's history, such that we may classify trends "Before ND / After ND"), only Reagan managed to hand off the Presidency to a member of the President's same party. Given that we are still one or even two decades away from the time when, thanks to the demographic insanity of our immigration policy, the Presidency will be no more available to Republicans than CA's Governorship, how likely is it that a Prez as unpopular as Obama is (and seems intent on reinforcing) will be able to hand off the Presidency to a member of his own party? ///// 2016 is the GOP's for the taking, unless they nominate someone too far out of the mainstream. Sadly, Jeb, as a liberal Republican, is much closer to that mainstream than Mr. Seiler, or any of us. The one problem he does have is "anti-dynasticism". But then Hillary would have to overcome that, too.

Christopher Ikaris
12/19/2014 04:41 AM

  Odds are against Jeb becoming president, but only the odds. Four reasons that invalidate Mr. Seiler’s three reasons. One, immigration may not be the major issue of 2016 because a) the GOP political leaders don’t want it to be an issue in 2016, b) the major corporate donors want “comprehensive immigration reform” as soon as possible, c) there are enough Republicans in the House combined with more than enough Democrats to pass an immigration “reform” bill in 2015, and d) the Republicans think that by passing such a bill they will get a larger Hispanic vote in 2016 and since the base of the party has nowhere to go they will vote Republican anyway. Two, as bad as “Common Core” is, there are simply not enough people who know what it is, or care enough about it, to vote against Bush. Pocket book issues carry much more weight. Three, the Bush family has the GOP Establishment plus loads of money behind them, more than enough to carry Jeb through the primary season. Four, regarding Bush fatigue, if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic party nominee, a lot of people will overcome their fatigue to vote for Jeb in the general election. Although Hillary will have the advantage of the electoral map that makes it much easier for a Democrat to win the presidential election.


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