Vital Signs

It's the Jobs

Which presidents of the United States have done a job of work?  This little survey is limited to those born in the 20th century.  Before that, everybody worked.

Let’s start with our present leader.  He has never lifted a shovel or driven a truck or had to make a payroll.  He has never grown a tomato or convicted a criminal.  He has never coached a team or bagged groceries.  He has never cleaned a toilet for minimum wage, never hammered a nail for a serious purpose, never made a cold call on a customer trying to sell encyclopedias, never climbed a ladder to paint the third story of a house.  He has never sat in a cubicle and processed forms or had to worry about his next evaluation.  He’s never done anything but politics.  His wife has more work credentials.

Moving backward in time, the same description applies to Presidents Clinton, Johnson, and Kennedy.  LBJ did teach school for a time while waiting to get a political appointment.  Outside of that, none of them did anything but politics.  JFK used his family money to buy offices, while LBJ and Clinton used their offices to buy money, but otherwise their careers were remarkably similar: unreflective progressivism mixed with hedonism and reckless use of power.

Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Reagan worked—and worked hard.  Despite the puerile attempts at jokes by the chattering classes about B-movies and...

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