It’s Springtime for Hitler in Europe

Is Europe Anti-Israeli and Antisemitic?

Few would challenge the observation that the level of anti-American sentiments has been rising in Europe in recent months and has reached an historic high during the war against Iraq.  At the same time, the attitudes among Arabs toward the E.U. states—with the exception of Great Britain—and, in particular, toward France have been more favorable.  Neoconservative analysts have attributed that to the “pro-Arab” positions held by the European governments, media, and public.  This alleged “pro-Arabism” explains the refusal of France and other European countries to support the Bush administration’s tough stand against terrorism and its military campaign against Iraq.  At the same time, the neoconservatives say, American support for the Jewish state represents an identification with the democratic ideals of Israel.

Moreover, the European “appeasement” of Saddam Hussein and the strong support in France and Europe for Palestinian independence—a recent Economist poll suggested that the French sympathize with the Palestinians over Israel by a margin of 41 to 13—is considered by these Americans to be a reflection not only of anti-Israeli (and pro-Palestinian) attitudes in Europe but of the reemergence of European antisemitism.  That, according to this argument, was dramatized by the attacks against synagogues and other Jewish property in France...

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