Cultural Revolutions

It's "Over"

With the Cold War "over," social engineers are scrambling for the "peace dividend"—the bonanza of cash expected to derive from a winding down of military expenditures that have been allocated to defend against the Soviet military threat. Regardless of the status of the Cold War and of the Soviet threat, and that is by no means clear, surely defense spending will decline in the next few years. The times are just that way. What shall we do with the money?

Of course, there will be no "extra" money to spend, since the federal budget has been operating at a deficit of hundreds of billions of dollars throughout the 1980's. Our cumulative federal deficit is over $2 trillion, almost 40 percent of our annual production of goods and services, our Gross National Product (GNP). The interest payment alone on the federal debt last year was over $200 billion. This is one federal expenditure that is strangling our country. But as any social engineer worth his salt will tell you, it's all a matter of priorities. It's better to educate the ignorant and house the homeless than to pay off the deficit. After all, we've had a deficit for many years and survived, but if we don't upgrade our "human capital" now, we are going to spend more later for social services to help or house the ignorant, the unemployed, the needy, and the criminal.

While our consciences are being pricked...

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