Image Credit: above: CNN host Don Lemon (left) and Republican strategist Rick Wilson (right) have a laugh while discussing Trump supporters on January 25 (CNN)

It's Not Okay to Be White

The left now roundly denounces anyone to the right of Jeb Bush as a “white nationalist,” which it appears is now being equated with “white supremacist,” with the apparently immortal Adolph Hitler acting as the once-and-future ringleader of a group of bad guys and gals that includes everyone from George Washington and Betsy Ross to John Wayne, as well as every single Trump voter, white or not.

In hearings before Congress last year to address the perceived threat of white supremacy, corporate bigwigs representing internet and social media platforms, who have not exactly been lax in their suppression of the right, including the vegetarian mainstream “conservative movement,” duly gave the Congressmen assurances they would do more to suppress speech by putting a high-tech gag on folks that both the Al Sharpton and Che Guevara wings of the Democratic Party—and Chamber of Commerce Republicans, for that matter— regard as “Nazis.” That is, anyone who still risks life, limb, and career by espousing political and social views once held by all conservatives, as well as a number of liberals, until very recently.

While it’s true that some Republican panel members did defend free speech, it was black conservative Candace Owens who got around to telling us what the left is actually up to. Owens noted that the “hearing” was meant to be a kangaroo court, it wasn’t...

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