It's a Girl's, Girl's, Girl's, Girl's World

A television ad: Single girl "Heather" has come to be videotaped for a dating service. Haltingly, she blurts out facts about herself—she's got a Lab, a "great" job, an "out-of-control shoe fetish"—while sipping the diet soda which is supposedly the raison d'être of the ad. The interviewer comments, "Sounds like a pretty good life." Taking a deep sip, the girl suddenly says, "Thank you!" in an almost normal tone of voice. "So, what kind of man are you looking for?" continues the interviewer—to an empty chair, for Heather has decamped sans adieu back to her pretty good life.

The message: If you have a dog, a great job, and a good shoe fetish, you do not need a man in your life, so long as you drink the right diet soda (whichever one that may be). Another ad: A woman is driving a young man in her convertible. He explains how he is trying to quit smoking using a "nicotine delivery" system, and she laughs at him throughout the explanation. Arriving at their destination, he asks her how he looks; as she straightens his tie, she smirks, "Surprisingly intelligent."

An even more offensive commercial has been running on radio —once again, for a product whose identity is effaced by the heavy-handed psychological warfare. A man's voice keeps anxiously questioning, explaining, and apologizing as...

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