It Just Did Happen Here

Whichever candidate wins the presidency on November 8 (this issue went to press on November 2), the American political establishment—the Democratic and Republican parties combined as America Consolidated—will have decisively lost the presidential elections.  That is the meaning of the director of the FBI’s public decision to reconsider the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices during her years as secretary of state.

If Donald Trump has not actually destroyed the GOP single-handedly, he has probably set it on the path to self-destruction, while Mrs. Clinton has dragged the Democratic Party back to the unsavory, unscrupulous era of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed.  Actually, Mrs. Clinton has been running as the candidate of two parties, the all-too-visible Democratic one and the invisible Plutocratic Party headquartered on Wall Street.  The Republicans, who have interests of their own on the Street, pretended not to notice, but a certain senator from Vermont did, and said so.

Bernie Sanders is not, of course, a Democrat at all, but an independent, albeit one who has usually voted with the Democrats in the Senate.  That fact has been paid insufficient attention by most people, notably Democrats who have an interest in promoting the fiction that the Clinton-Sanders fight was an intraparty conflict, with Sanders representing their party’s left wing. ...

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