In the Dark

It Ain’t Necessarily So

Produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures
Written and directed by Darren Aronofsky

The Unknown Known
Produced by The Weinstein Company, History Films, and Moxie Pictures
Written and directed by Errol Morris
Distributed by RADIUS-TWC

In Darren Aronofsky’s telling of the Noah story, Cain’s descendant Tubalcain (Ray Winstone) confronts his creator, growling these words: “I am a man made in your image.  Why will you not converse with me?”  It’s a reasonable question.  If we’re made in his image, shouldn’t we hear from the old guy now and then?  Or is it that Tubalcain isn’t listening closely enough?  Aronofsky’s Noah (Russell Crowe) listens and listens—slavishly, one might say.  But for all his attention, he seems not so much enlightened as driven furiously mad, as Tubalcain discovers to his regret.  Noah locks him out of his ark when the flood arrives, explaining that Tubalcain and his people are not innocent.  Short on rations during a drought, they occasionally trade women for food.  There must be some other vices, but what they are we never learn.  Maybe Winstone’s wonderfully chafing voice is sin enough.

To be fully appreciated, the Old Testament’s narratives needed a demythologizing scrub, as my college professors...

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