Is Trump “Normal”?

The debate regarding President Trump’s sanity is echoed at a slightly less hyperbolic level by liberals’ fervent insistence that he is “not a normal president.”  What, exactly, does this mean?  That Trump is an “abnormal” president?  That he is an “abnormal” man?  An “abnormal” human being?  Or is their argument simply that he is an unusual one?  Again, what is intended here?  American presidents have been as unusual as their respective times: Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Obama, and now Trump, all of whom were elected to serve at moments that were either unusual, unprecedented, or critical ones in the nation’s history, or all three.  Is “not normal” necessarily a bad thing in a president, or could it be a good one, or a matter of little or no significance at all?

President Donald Trump is certainly unusual in a number of ways.  He is not a professional politician.  His election to the highest office in the land was an unforeseen political event that confounded the professionals, the hacks, the polls, the so-called pundits, and public expectations.  He won it by breaking all the received rules concerning how a successful politician is expected to speak and act, as Beethoven composed great music by deliberately breaking many of the established rules of composition.  And, having done so, by remaining...

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