Between the Lines

Is There Hope?

Think of what we’re trying to do: upend the biggest, deadliest, most intractable apparatus of power this world has ever seen.  The sheer scope of the Leviathan State is so daunting that any patriot who seeks to take it on is immediately faced with the enormity of his task—and that is sure to overwhelm even the most determined.

If they’re reading our emails, tracking our phone conversations, compiling dossiers on potential rebels—and all with the sort of technology that, at its highest level, is almost like magic—how can we possibly hope to overthrow this monster that has fastened itself on our backs?

Maybe it’s old age, or its rapid approach.  After all these years of “activism,” where has it got us—or, rather, where has it got me?  Very close to Nowhere.

Sure, there’s a libertarian “movement,” such as it is.  We even have a presidential candidate with the last name of Paul who is now the alleged frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination.  I smell 1964 all over again, and how far will that get us?  Not far enough, because the crisis isn’t imminent; it’s already passed.  As the great Garet Garrett put it so long ago:

There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road.  But they are gazing in the wrong direction. ...

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