Iraq as “Intelligence Failure”: We Told You So

“W,” a.k.a. “our Commander in Chief,” is apparently even more blindly stubborn and willfully ignorant than I had thought.  As of this writing (December 2006), he is still distancing himself from the Iraq Study Group’s efforts to provide him cover for a withdrawal from the Middle East morass he has drawn us into.  Bush Senior, being a good father and perhaps a bit concerned for the country he once bravely served, had dispatched James Baker, Robert Gates, and others to save his offspring’s hash and what Washington courtiers call (with a straight face) his “legacy.”  Part of that effort was the Iraq Study Group’s report.  What the report suggests seems quite simple: Withdraw U.S. combat troops by early 2008, while increasing the number of trainers for “Iraqi” units.  (I did not realize that there was such a thing as a generic “Iraqi,” but Americans are not strong on questions of identity these days.)  Washington will turn over the “civil war,” or “sectarian violence,” or all-against-all chaos the country has descended into since the U.S. invasion to the “Iraqis” and be done with it.

The ISG has provided the President with the appropriate boilerplate to cover himself and get out.  If he follows instructions, the withdrawal will have supposedly “dealt...

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