Iran and Nuclear Hubris


The “Iran Nuclear Deal” was killed by President Trump on May 8, which came as no surprise to anyone who had heard a Trump campaign speech in 2016 or to those who were aware that Trump had recently hired John Bolton and Mike Pompeo.  Surprise or not, it was an imprudent move.

Ever since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was finalized in July 2015, it has been a political football, and difficult as it is to say, the forces that were aligned in Washington against that agreement held in common one thing: an axiomatic and overriding commitment to the security of Israel.  I say “axiomatic and overriding” because desiring the security and well-being of the Jewish state (which is reasonable and humane) is not the same thing as making that desire the focus of U.S. foreign policy and pursuing it irrationally, unjustly, and at the expense of the safety and well-being of Americans.

Even if Benjamin Netanyahu had been correct in his ostentatious and conveniently timed televised assertion that “Iran lied,” there is no conceivable way that Iran could pose a direct threat to the United States in the foreseeable future.

Trump’s campaign line was that the JCPOA was the “worst deal ever,” because we paid the Iranian...

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