International Community

In April, Condoleezza Rice made a stunning display of her keen analytical mind and verbal agility.  During a joint press conference with the Hungarian foreign minister, the secretary of state found herself defending the Bush administration’s decision to abstain rather than veto a U.N. resolution turning over crimes committed in the Darfur region of the Sudan to the International Criminal Court, even though the administration supposedly opposes the ICC.  When some malicious wag pointed out that neither the United States nor Sudan are parties to the treaty that created the ICC, Rice replied: “It is important to uphold the principle that non-parties to a treaty are indeed non-parties to a treaty.  But the international community has to act on Darfur.”  I’m surprised she did not pull out the familiar “We cannot stand idly by.”

Muslims have been killing Christians in southern Sudan for decades, but the United States has taken little interest.  There are some Christians in Darfur, though they are mostly refugees.  All this time that Christians have been the object of a genocidal slaughter in Africa—subsidized, in part, by Saudis—the United States has done nothing; when the occasion arises for beefing up the “international community,” however, we let nothing stand in our way.

Secretary Rice recently exposed her mastery of Russian to the world...

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