Cultural Revolutions

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design had its day in court in Dover, Pennsylvania, and the result was sadly predictable.  So was the reaction to it.

The evolutionist and atheist left ballyhooed the decision as another victory for science over superstition, and for the separation of Church and state.  The intelligent-design crowd vowed to continue fighting, and talk radio unlimbered its voice.  “Who should get a lump of coal for Christmas?” Sean Hannity’s guest host asked.  “The judge in the case about intelligent design!” answered one irate caller.

Yet no one with any sense, least of all serious Christians, is surprised or even disheartened by the decision, for one simple reason: The atheist left runs the courts and the schools, and sober Christians know they will never change that.  They don’t care what the public schools teach because their children do not attend them.

Intelligent design is the claim that some biological processes and structures are so complex that God, not evolution, must have created them.  The trouble in Dover began when the school board said teachers must read a short statement about intelligent design in the ninth-grade biology class.  The disclaimer said evolution is merely a theory, and that the “theory is not a fact.  Gaps in the theory exist for which there is no evidence. . . . Intelligent design is an explanation of the...

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