“Include Me Out”

—Sam Goldwyn

The Church needs to be “inclusive.”  This was the refrain of the liberal delegates (an overwhelming majority) to the convention of the Episcopal Church meeting in Minneapolis as they considered the controversial nomination of Gene Robinson as coadjutor bishop of New Hampshire.  Robinson had been selected in New Hampshire over a field of candidates that included a Pamela and a Roberta and a token Robert.  Robinson is not only a divorced husband and father (which would be enough for any Christian church) but an open and flaunting homosexual who promotes homosexuality among adolescents.  This should have been an easy decision, even for Anglicans who have mostly given up the pretense that they believe in anything that is not preached on NPR, but the liberals are determined to rip the last scrap of decency from Anglicanism, and the delegates would have rubber-stamped Robinson’s nomination, had it not been for 11th-hour allegations that his website Outright has links to homosexual pornography sites and that the would-be bishop could not avoid playing “grab-ass” with young males who visited him.

Historically, Anglicans have more often debated the size of the chasuble than the iota in homoiousios or the fine points of the filioque clause in the Nicene Creed, and, since the 1920’s, most Anglican communions have relegated every significant clause of...

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