In This Number

In This Number

Midmorning on April 22, my phone rang and the caller ID indicated it was Aaron Wolf. I greeted him with our usual salutation, “Brother, how are you?” But instead of Aaron’s warm drawl, I heard his wife Lorrie’s grieving voice. She didn’t need to say another word; I somehow knew Aaron was gone. He had passed away suddenly the previous night, Easter Sunday. 

Until the merger of The Charlemagne Institute and The Rockford Institute on Dec. 31, 2018, Aaron and I had only a few opportunities for conversation, though we did know each other through our respective writings and my occasional attendance of Rockford Institute events. Once we found ourselves as brothers-in-arms, we got to know each other quite well. While our time together was short, I felt that Aaron was a kindred spirit. 

He and I had big plans for The Charlemagne Institute and its online publication, Intellectual Takeout, its Alcuin internship program, and Chronicles. Aaron was preparing to take over as editor of Chronicles and I couldn’t have been more excited for our united future. He was to be my right-hand man. We talked much of building an institution that would outlast ourselves, one that would exemplify a “happy warrior” ethos that focused on rebuilding Western, Christian culture. We even joked about dying in the saddle—but...

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