In the Gutter With the GOP

The Republican Party’s search for a presidential candidate is a bit like a musical revue.  As the star (Mitt Romney) goes up and down the chorus line, one after another dancer emerges from obscurity into the spotlight, dazzles the audience for a few moments, before sinking back into the anonymous mass.  Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, and now, most improbably, Herman Cain.

I wrote this paragraph on October 17 for my blog on the website of the Daily Mail.  I enjoy writing these pieces, and I especially enjoy the fact-free and nonrational criticisms I receive mostly from American readers.  There is, however, one big drawback: They require me to pay somewhat close attention to the presidential campaign.  For some years I have been averting my gaze from the embarrassing state of American politics, and since the election of 2008, which pitted the two worst presidential candidates in American history against each other, I have felt nothing but disgust for both parties.  Now here I am, a graybeard who should know better, paying attention to the wit and wisdom of the speechwriters hired by Herman Cain and Rick Perry.

The only excuse I can offer is the general sense of despair among sensible people who still cannot quite believe we have someone of Barack Obama’s low caliber in the White...

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