Immigration, Neighbors, and Enemies

It is like a science-fiction movie from the 1950’s.  Mysterious radiation from outer space takes over the brains of Asian men in America, turning them into moral zombies that go on killing sprees: a Buddhist in Texas who tried to beat the demons out of his three-year-old son who had eaten meat; a discharged IBM employee who shot up an immigrant hospitality center in Binghamton, New York; the Vietnamese father in Mobile who threw his three children off a bridge.  Simultaneously, from the South, comes an invading force of violent aliens importing toxins that destroy the souls of those who ingest them.  And all across the country the familiar cry goes up, “Nothing can stop them!”

It is not surprising that Barack Obama and the other leaders of his Democratic Party of the Left refuse to take measures to protect the American people from mutants and aliens.  After all, they hate the people, the country, and its traditions.  Just to put a period to his loathing of the old America, President Obama returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the British government.  No reason was given for snubbing our wartime ally, but everyone knows the reason: Churchill took steps to suppress the Mau Maus—a gang of terrorists who expressed their protest against British rule by murdering and raping British farmers and their families.

Grand Old Party of the Center Right is hardly more patriotic than the Democrats. ...

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