Immigration: Deferred Courage

The Supreme Court, tacitly acknowledging that the great Justice Antonin Scalia is still dead, refused on October 3 to reconsider United States v. Texas.  The tie remained at 4-4, same as it was in June when the Court first polled itself, but a petulant Obama Department of Justice asked for the case to be reconsidered.  The Democrats knew what the result would be, but wished publicly to accomplish two things: Carp about the Republican-controlled Senate’s refusal to consider Obama’s lame-duck SCOTUS appointee (the obvious tie-breaker in favor of the left, Merrick Garland), and underscore the Utter Importance of voting for HRC.  The media obliged on both counts, in between spasms of horror at the fact that Donald Trump apparently didn’t elect to donate millions to the federal government in the form of taxes he didn’t legally owe.

The Lone Star State was actually joined by 25 other states (yes, 26 of the 52 states) in suing President Obama over his unconstitutional executive order known as DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents).  In issuing DAPA back in November 2014, the Chief Executive sought to circumvent the Legislative Branch by granting a temporary legal status to a class of illegal aliens—depending on the breathless mood of the journalist reporting, anywhere from 4 to 11 million of them, especially when combined with the President’s...

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