Immigration and the GOP (Again!)

The Republican candidate for President of the United States in 2016 made major immigration restriction the broadest and thickest plank in his platform.  That candidate went on to defeat 16 other GOP candidates, all of them to a greater or lesser degree pro-immigration.  (The difference in degree largely corresponded with the candidate’s honesty, or dishonesty, on the subject.)  Now the candidate is sitting in the Oval Office, where he continues to call for the Big Beautiful Wall he demanded along the campaign trail and numerous other restrictive policies (though it is true he has sent mixed signals on these at times).

Yet the moderate wing of the Republican Party continues to fight against those policies in alliance with their colleagues on the other side of the aisle.  Twenty-three Republicans in the House of Representatives (as of this writing) have signed a discharge petition filed by a bipartisan group of congressmen to force a vote on the Uniting and Securing America Act that would shield the 800,000 people currently protected by President Obama’s DACA program, installed by executive order, from deportation, while leaving untouched the system of chain migration that would allow the beneficiaries to bring in many hundreds of thousands (eventually, no doubt, several millions) of near and distant relatives eligible for citizenship.  The speaker of the House is supporting the petition, and Senator...

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