Immigration and Marriage in America

Listening to the news media, you’d think that Americans simply don’t understand marriage.  One in two marriages fails.  Public schools peddle theories about “alternative families” with such textbooks as Heather Has Two Mommies.  Single women run hither and yon looking for Mr. Goodbar, who turns out to be a white-frocked fertility guru equipped with a turkey baster and petri dishes.

Consider these data: The marriage rate in 1945, with the United States emerging from World War II and still suffering the lingering effects of the Depression, was almost 12.2 per 1,000.  In 1946, it peaked at 16.4.  In 1960, the last year of the Baby Boom and the warm sunset of Ike’s halcyon years, the rate dipped to 8.5.  At the height of the Vietnam War, it was 10.6.  By 2008, it was 7.3, less than half the figure in 1946 and below the rate of 9.2 in 1930, the height of the Great Depression.

This is bad.  Very bad.  Yet, however bad it is, and however thoroughly the liberal elites think they have brainwashed the masses into accepting clerically approved sodomy and a brave new world of cloned humans, the national numbers do not tell the whole story.  Statistics paint a bleak picture of the undifferentiated mass of Americans, but they also show that sundry Americans view marriage and children differently.  So-called Red State Americans marry earlier and have more children...

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