Cultural Revolutions

Illegal—Alien Shutdown

The bigger the infestation, an exterminator will tell you, the harder the pest is to eliminate.  Thus it is with illegal aliens, and one recent event illustrates that the infestation is so pervasive, it may be well-nigh impossible to stop.

That event was a speech at the University of North Carolina in early April by former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo.  Tan-credo, who was briefly a GOP presidential candidate in 2008, went to UNC at the invitation of Youth for Western Civilization, a new conservative student organization springing up on college campuses.  The usual suspects used the usual intimidation and violence to stop his speech.

Police had to remove protestors who carried a banner with a typically leftist and infantile slogan: “No Dialogue With Hate.”  Having ejected the cretins, police pepper-sprayed the mob of about 30 campus leftists.  The acrid mist didn’t quite convince them, so the cops brandished Tasers.  That calmed things down.  Don’t tase me, bro!

Still, all was not well.  During Mr. Tancredo’s speech, two more protestors unfurled a banner emblazoned with more leftist treacle: “No One Is Illegal.”  Mr. Tancredo himself tried to stop them in what became a tug of war with the banner, but alas, the situation quickly deteriorated until a student outside the room shattered a window by pounding on it.  Police rushed in to rescue Tancredo.


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