Cultural Revolutions

Ignoring Important Stories

After September 11, several important stories continue to be ignored.  Here, to a lay observer, is the shape of the past fall’s most overlooked developments.

The two biggest sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  The intelligence community has known this for years.  The recent kidnapping and slaying of a Wall Street Journal reporter is only the most recent incident.

Our bombing campaign against Afghanistan was not really a “war on terrorism.”  Afghanistan (“Pipeline-istan”) is basically a big vacant lot, not formally recognized as a nation by the U.S. government, dominated by squabblers with guns; its training camps and similar operations were founded, staffed, and financed by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, our instant partners in the “war against terror.”  Afghanistan’s Taliban government was also established and supported by Pakistanis, including Pakistan’s secret service, with Saudi (and CIA) money.

The fourth hijacked plane on September 11,  brought down in Pennsylvania by passengers who realized that it was headed for a target somewhere, was headed for the Pentagon.  For years, as reported in the international press—including Arabic newspapers available in translation—hijackings and rocket attacks have come in pairs; the attackers struck in paired planes in New York...

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