Ignoble Savages, Part 3

Toxic is the combination of equality and evolution, of Rousseau and Darwin.  Blended together and served upon the paps of public schools, television, and social media, they are the essential ingredients of the gall-milk of the postmodern world.  They ensure that every infant will grow into a fully mature Ignoble Savage.

Rousseau gave the West an alternative morality based on his mythical vision of man as an animal whose redeeming quality is his pity for other animals.  Darwin gave us a theoretical mechanism by which Western man might shrug off any competing explanation of himself—any wisdom that would suggest he is something other than an animal whose goal is to attain “fitness.”

In postmodern technocratic Western societies, evolution serves equality.  Challenge an egalitarian on questions of sex, “gender,” or the nature and extent of “universal human rights” (such as the right to live in a “democracy”), and he will immediately trot out the old Darwinian warhorse to trample down your faith-based argument.  Marriage is between one man and one woman only?  Enough with your God delusion!

But, you say, my argument for traditional marriage is based not on revelation alone, but on science—on biology, which demonstrates the truth of the Bible that “male and female created He them.”  Au contraire, replies...

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