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"If You're White, You're Racist"

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By:Hugh Cadfael | March 31, 2015

Those of us blinded by white privilege are fortunate to live in this enlightened age. Without PCs, Facebook, Twitter and publications like, we’d never know how bad we are.

We are thus instructed by this hysterical tweet from Salon’s Twitter feed on March 27: “If you’re white, you’re racist and don’t realize it.”. As The Daily Caller noted in picking this up, the line is so batty it appeared to have come from the Salondotcom parody Twitter feed.

But alas, it’s the real thing. The tweet links to a piece at Salon, which in turn lifted it from Alternet, another of the left-wing attics where the moonbats nest. The headline at that site was this: “Hey, Smug White People: You (Yes, You) Are a Racist, Too/Don’t imagine that being a racist is something that only happens to other people.”

The piece offers a list of claims purportedly showing that most whites are racist even if they don’t know it. The myriad unproven claims aren’t worth unpacking in detail, but consider just this one tendentious half-truth: “[B]lack students — even preschoolers — are far more likely to be suspended from school than white students. (That fact is even truer for dark-skinned black students.)”

Note here the usual left-wing tactic: Point to a disparity between officialdom’s treatment of blacks and whites, then splutter that “bias,” “hate” or “racism” explains the disparity. Don’t mention the obvious: Blacks are suspended from school more often than whites because blacks cause more trouble.

Here, then, is the lesson we are supposed to get:

Racism is comfortable and easy; it helps us make quick, baseless decisions without the taxing act of thinking. The next time you catch yourself having a racist thought or feeling, try not brushing it off. Ask yourself where it came from, what it means and how you can unpack it. Because if the evidence above suggests anything, it’s that critical self-examination is our only hope of moving the needle at all on this thing. Stop imagining that being racist is something that only other people do, and start looking closely at your own beliefs.

You may prepare for your self-criticism and struggle sessions.



Bryan Fox
3/31/2015 08:36 PM

  The source of this odious thought is prejudicial given they assume I give a damn about being tagged as a racist.

Nicholas MOSES
Paris, France
3/31/2015 09:16 PM

  VDare ran a piece recently discussing attempts of at least one White Nationalist to "appropriate" the word "racist" the way Black Power rappers appropriated the n-word and second-wave Feminists appropriated the b-word, and expressed skepticism that this might catch on. But if the left keeps this up, I'm starting to think VDare might have been overly pessimistic on that point.

Bos Bob
Boston MA
3/31/2015 09:33 PM

  ... then please don't give a damn to that twitter feed. Then please tell your children and others who you think the real racists are (unless you think the notion of the so-called real racists is by itself not appealing, or you think no action or reaction is necessary). If you really feel there is an urgency in what we need or must do, if you think there is too much nonsense and too little time, as we could all agree that time is running out and time does not seem to be on "our side", if you think what we are doing is part of the problem not part of solution, or if you believe what we are doing is not at all effective, then we must be serious and think more critically, we must stop being ineffective, or we must disengage and retreat to and fortify around a bottom line - whatever it may be - to ward off calamity, first of all financial and economic catastrophe or a slow death. Culture is a central problem but no logic could claim or lead us to the conclusion that the cultural war must be fought first and won next. May be you have to fight this war first, may be not ...

Brock Henderson
Elk Grove
3/31/2015 10:09 PM

  What you should glean from the Far Left's actions nowadays, Mr. Fox, is that they plan to MAKE you give a damn. Having been molded by Cultural Marxism, the Left is a well-oiled machine as it carries out is plan to destroy the West, one which operates quite like a well-known fictional machine of American sci-fi cinema, the Terminator. I'll let a protagonist from the famous 1984 film describe it for you: "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."

Harry Heller
San Francisco
4/1/2015 02:16 AM

  The relationship between this anti-racist nuttiness and the communist past is obvious, with a single difference. The communists were atheists, and avowed enemies of the Church. And while many churches were always rather soft on communism in a pacifist sort of way, at least they opposed the persecution of the religious, and the Catholic Church was always strong on religious truth and freedom of worship, even before John Paul II. Today, however, in the matter of this 'marxisant' anti-racism (really, veiled hatred of whites and the West), the Church is itself a huge part of the problem. It was always perfectly apparent to me that Christian proclamations of the "brotherhood of man" were spiritual statements and aspirational guides to human ethical behavior, not meant as literal empirical descriptions of the world, or guides to public policy. Yet all too many naive Christians seem to think that following Jesus means "embracing the Other", even when the Other is clamoring for territorial entry in nation-shattering numbers, and is the bearer of a culture (in the anthropological sense) that is at once, alien, threatening, and behaviorally/morally inferior to your own. THAT is not Christianity, but liberalism (perhaps dressed up in theological finery). A large part of the West's salvation will come not only from returning to Christianity, but reforming its understanding of human biodiversity to allow unique cultures the political 'space' to impose such measures as are necessary to ensure their own perpetuity. But that all this "white privilege" nonsense is both patently absurd, and part of a propaganda war against whites as a group to facilitate the latter's dispossession and disempowerment, is beyond dispute.


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