If We Cared About “Democracy”

Democracy is under attack, we now hear regularly.  While Donald Trump, the GOP, and (if you ask Rachel Maddow) the weather have all been identified of late as “threats” to our democracy, the Great Satan is, of course, Russia, pop. 144,498,215.  Vlad Putin directs, or winks and nods at, a Red Army of hackers who, according to the latest reports, infiltrated the computer systems of American state election boards roughly a year ago.  “[T]he Russian hackers hit systems in a total of 39 states,” says Bloomberg News.  The current wisdom is that none of the November 2016 vote counts was altered.  Nonetheless, the fact that our information was “compromised” should chill us to the bone, because the Russkies now have three years to perfect their plan to control America.  Furthermore, “operations need not change votes to be effective.”  All that is required is for the American people to hear—as often as possible, from the mainstream media—that their system was “compromised,” and they will no longer believe that their votes matter.

I can think of many reasons why the American people might already think that their votes don’t matter, including a bloated and intrusive federal bureaucracy that never stops growing no matter who is in office, oligarchical federal judges, the reduction of states to federal welfare dependents—the list...

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