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If the Center Cannot Hold

The surprising triumph of Donald Trump has produced what can only be described as an extended temper tantrum by much of the American left, which fully expected a victory by Hillary Clinton to be followed by unending political dominance, as the white, Christian parts of America that generally vote Republican are gradually eclipsed demographically by the nonwhite, non-Christian parts of America that generally vote for Democrats.  The left was so confident of victory that it could not wait until the election was over before revealing its disdain for Middle America, with Clinton branding half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorable” and not even bothering to seek the support of white voters living in unfashionable parts of America or holding unfashionable beliefs.  Clinton never deigned to campaign in Michigan or Wisconsin and even turned down an opportunity to give a Saint Patrick’s Day address at Notre Dame because, as the New York Times reported after the election, her campaign saw no need to appeal to white Catholics.  Since Hillary’s return to Chappaqua, the left’s disdain for Trump and his supporters has only intensified, as evidenced by everything from self-righteous speeches by celebrities, contemptuous monologues from late-night comedians, and unremitting media hostility to physical assaults on Trump supporters in Berkeley and campus riots designed to prevent a Trump supporter from...

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