Between the Lines

If It Leads, It Bleeds

Kathy Griffin, “comedienne,” posts a photo of herself holding up the bloodied head of President Trump, gore dripping down his face.

A Central Park production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar features an assassinated Caesar as Trump: The audience roars its approval as Brutus & Co. plunge their knives into him.  Meanwhile, the background music broadcast by the “mainstream” media is playing loud and clear: “Trump is a traitor!”  “He’s a Russian agent!”  “Collusion!”  “Treason!”

The day after the Senate “Intelligence” Committee grilled Attorney General Jeff Sessions about how many meetings he’d had with the Russian ambassador, a gunman opened fire at Republican members of Congress who were practicing for the annual GOP-Democrat baseball game.  Five people were injured, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-IA).  Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) told media he was leaving the game when a man came up to him in the parking lot and asked if the players were Republicans or Democrats.

This was likely the shooter, one James T. Hodgkinson, 66-year-old resident of Belleville, Illinois, who was shot by Capitol police and died from his injuries.  He had plenty of ammo: When he ran out of bullets for his rifle he reportedly continued shooting with a pistol.  More than 50 shots were fired. ...

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