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Ides of March: A Man's Home is His Castle

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The annual Ides of March lecture with Dr. Thomas Fleming.

Traditionally, a family home is not simply an investment or a place to consume Chinese takeout. It is an autonomous community of affection and responsibility, from which (in the famous words of Sir William Pitt) "a man may bid defiance to the crown." Modern governments have done everything they can to subjugate the autonomous household: public schooling that takes over the minds of the children, eminent domain and tax laws that confiscate the house, and the increasing infringement and abrogation of the right to bear arms and defend the family. The result is not just a destruction of family freedoms but the reduction of a free people to a nation of government dependents living in fear. The first step toward political liberty is in the hands of American householders, if they will begin to reclaim their independence.

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