Cultural Revolutions

Hush! It Is General Lee

With Obama completing the displacement of the American people and the Republicans trying to start a war to detract attention from their uselessness and to revive their collapsed grassroots support, a poor observer barely has time and attention to note the civilizational degradation taking place in Lexington in the old and once-honored Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University is the final resting place of Gen. Robert E. Lee, one of the most beloved of all Americans, and his family.  It has been a place of pilgrimage and a quiet and dignified memorial to the lost Second American War for Independence.  There have been Confederate symbols in the chapel and occasional memorial events by Confederate descendants around the campus, where the grave of the most famous horse in American history, Traveler, is also to be found.

The college was founded in the early 19th century with the name of the great Virginian who led the First American War of Independence.  Amid the poverty and oppression of Reconstruction, R.E. Lee accepted the presidency of the struggling institution.  He was following his policy of working quietly to revive the fortunes of his people.  Lee turned down the gift of an English estate and offers to use his name in businesses that would have made him a millionaire several times over.  (This was incomprehensible to the ruling Republicans who were busy enriching...

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