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Since the 60’s, liberals have been talking about “victimless crimes,” offenses that are prosecutable by law but that liberals claim “hurt no one.”  Prominent among these were homosexual encounters, which over the next several decades were decriminalized by most states and eventually recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court as acts of love, and finally conjugal love, not only harmless to society but actually beneficial to it.  (How could there be too much love in the world?)  Yet the liberal premise is false.  Homosexual “marriage” is insanity.  And all of us, liberals included, living in an insane society are damaged by that fact.  As Gloucester says in King Lear, “’Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind.”

The world is infinitely more complex than liberals imagine, but the little of it they do recognize—like the institution of marriage—they complicate absurdly.  Marriage is one of those very basic and simple things you’d think the human race wouldn’t need to be arguing about after so many millennia.  Trust liberals to turn it into an issue as controversial as climate change, while failing to see that gay “marriage” is more perilous to the human race than global warming is.  A practical knowledge of nature is useful to men, but a proper knowledge of man is absolutely crucial,...

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