Cultural Revolutions

Human Pesticide

RU-486 is, by now, probably neatly stacked on pharmacy shelves across the fruited plain, right next to the Raid and Ritalin, ready for every woman who needs a quick "final solution," with or without parental consent—or that of us knuckle-dragging sperm donors.

It's legal now, and, of course, that means it's ethical, too. Not like what that other guy in Germany had in mind . . . well, you know. Hey, if doctors prescribe what Pat Buchanan calls a "human pesticide," it must be all right . . . right? That's our federal government at work, folks. You know, the same one that gave us Prohibition, public schools, income taxes, and Waco. Actually, this wonder drug, chemically known as Mifepristone and marketed as the "morning-after" pill, has been around for decades before it was finally introduced to American lab rats. Sanctioned by Planned Parenthood and endorsed by the National Organization for Women, Mifeprex (the most common brand) is as popular in Europe as Viagra is in America, and it probably will be blessed by the next Pope, whoever she happens to be. And now it appears that RU-486 will soon be manufactured in China, a country that already has a track record when it comes to tainted drugs, campaign financing, and population control.

The French invented this stuff, picking up where the Germans left off, and with equal efficiency. Sometimes history is funny that way. Perhaps...

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