Under the Black Flag

How to Win at Tennis

Althea Gibson was a black American lady tennis player who won Wimbledon and many other major championships during the late 50’s.  She was also a very good singer and a friendly soul, carrying none of that anger and fury many of today’s blacks exhibit the minute the spotlight shines on them.  She passed away some years ago, without the headlines that accompany any black American who has claimed victimhood and has denounced America as a racist, fascist state.

Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon a couple of decades after Althea, and he has a stadium named after him, not to mention a place on the black immortals table, a movie or two, and sainthood.  Ashe was black and died of AIDS, thus making him a hero twice over.  His death was blamed on a blood transfusion, and no one disputed it.  Ashe was married, but there were always rumors concerning his sexuality.  Was it because he was soft-spoken and did not fit the macho image of a black womanizer?  Perhaps.

In any case, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that Althea Gibson was never appreciated or fêted by black leaders because she refused to play the victim.  She never made any money despite being number one in the world, and was never recognized as a great champion, which she was.  Today, she would have made millions and been elevated to Olympian heights because of her color.  I remember practicing with her...

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