Vital Signs

How Things Change Out From Under Us

Anyone who has been around for a while and who pays any attention to the news sees many disturbing changes.  Recently, I read a report that two children, ages seven and eight, had an altercation at school during recess.  They were carted off in handcuffs by the police.  The teachers or principal had dealt with the boys’ disagreement by calling in the law.

I wonder if the kids now have felonious assault records that will cancel their Second Amendment rights when they come of age.

When I was a kid there were no age limits to the Second Amendment.  We all had firearms before we reached puberty.  Anyone with the money could purchase a .22 caliber rifle at the local hardware store.  If you were too young to see over the counter, the proprietor might call your parents to get an OK.  You could purchase .22 caliber ammunition and shotgun shells at most any gas station.

None of us ever shot anyone or any farmer’s cow or mule.  There were no gun accidents among my armed companions.

My grandmother never batted an eye when I walked out of her farmhouse with my grandfather’s shotgun.  Guns were just a routine item.  We all learned gun safety from the Boy Scouts.  My grandmother only became concerned for my safety when I became the proud owner of a spirited horse.

If the attitudes that exist today had been around when I was coming along, my entire generation...

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