How the World Works

The Panama Papers appeared in April, promising to be the biggest bombshell dropped on the international community since Nagasaki.  Combing through the 11.5 million documents that were (what follows is a euphemism for stolen) leaked by a purported whistleblower to the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, an international team of journalists has connected a lot of dots and begun the process of publishing H-bomb exposés of key world leaders and rich people.

And if you were to read them, you’d be pardoned if you nodded off for a moment.

I recommend a nice triple espresso.

The papers were “obtained” from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, which has a branch in Miami, among other places worldwide.  M-F specializes in setting up shell corporations for people who have lots of cash that they’d like to conceal inside a shell.  Obviously, one reason the well-heeled do this is to hide the amount of money they possess from others; another no-brainer is that they seek to avoid paying taxes, and sometimes do so beyond the limits of the law.

You will be shocked to learn that the insanely wealthy Petro Poroshenko, affectionately known as the “Chocolate King” and the current president of Ukraine, is a shady thug.  But isn’t Poroshenko “our guy,” the opponent of evil incarnate who goes by the name of Vlad Putin? ...

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