In Our Time

How Liberalism Is Losing

The refugee crisis in Europe and the response of the various European governments and of the European Commission, surrealistic as they seem, make sense only if one understands that the agony of contemporary Europe (like that of the United States) is the agony of liberalism, whose contradictions have suddenly caught up to it with the speed and force of a tsunami that has taken even liberalism’s fiercest critics by surprise.  Liberals, we can see now, are prepared to sacrifice not only their respective nations but the liberal order itself to the enforcement of liberal ideology in its most abstract form.  Clearly, Angela Merkel is resolved never to forget the crimes of the Third Reich, but 71 years after Hitler’s fall she would do far better to recall her own sufferings as a child and as a young woman under the East German regime, an ordeal from which she ought to have learned the consequences of attempting to translate any ideological theory into political practice.

On New Year’s Eve in Cologne, 1,000 of what witnesses described as dark-skinned youths from the Middle East and North Africa, many if not most of them stinking drunk (in violation of the laws of their prophet), surrounded hundreds of young women and robbed, grabbed, groped them, and raped several, oblivious to the police standing helplessly by, and shut down a central train station.  As of this writing 653 people had lodged complaints with...

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