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How Jesse Helms Saved the U.N.

Mom and Dad went to the beach and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." This saying captures a bad joke that is played on kids. But when you're chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and end up with a lousy T-shirt, it shouldn't be a laughing matter. In the ease of Jesse Helms of North Carolina, his T-shirt says, "Somebody at the State Department loves me," with the word "loves" in a red heart.

This story is not made up. Helms did wear such a T-shirt at a Softball game featuring staffers from his office and the office of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The T-shirt symbolizes an embarrassing "courtship" during which we have seen photographs of Helms and Albright smiling and holding hands. In practical terms, this arrangement means that the United Nations has been given a new lease on life, at the expense of American taxpayers.

Many Americans do not realize just how close the U.N. is to fulfilling the goal set by its first acting Secretary General, communist spy Alger Hiss, of becoming a full-fledged world state. Thanks to a federal financial bailout engineered by Senator Helms, the U.N. is poised to expand its international campaign for population control, global environmentalism, managed trade, and military hegemony. Now operating criminal tribunals in Bosnia and Rwanda, the U.N. is also laying the groundwork for an International Criminal Court which could kidnap...

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