How He Did It

Roger Stone is a longtime political operative who has worked for every Republican president since Richard Nixon, and numerous presidential and other candidates as well.  Stone retains great admiration for Ronald Reagan, but now has only disdain for the Bush family.  The Making of the President 2016 recounts what he saw during the Trump campaign, from beginning to end.  The title recalls Theodore White’s books on past campaigns, beginning with The Making of the President 1960 (published in 1961) and continuing on with similar volumes through 1972.  White was a typical liberal journalist, biased in favor of Democrats and against Republicans, but with an eye for telling detail.  People wishing to revisit those campaigns often start with White’s books.

Similarly, Stone reports immediately after a campaign, but his view is the ultimate insider’s.  During Trump’s run for the presidency, I watched YouTube videos of Stone’s frequent appearances on Alex Jones’s Infowars to learn what really was going on with the campaign.  Stone had the scoop not just on Trump, a close friend of his since the 1970’s, but also on what Hillary and the Main Sleaze Media were doing.

One of this book’s strengths is its accounting of the strategic media shift Trump made, which was one of the keys to his victory:...

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