Under the Black Flag

Hot Air Raids

Global warming is still a “maybe,” but in the Swiss Alps the visual evidence is undeniable. The glacier I used to ski on has disappeared, and man-made snow is pumped out daily in its place. The once-small alpine village from where I write this column is now a Mecca of the nouveaux riche and vulgar—snow and manners have gone with the wind.

In my own little way I do what I can against global warming: I drive a tiny Mini, use only a sailboat rather than those polluting stinkers the oil-rich Arabs favor, and charter only propeller planes when I occasionally fly around Europe. However, I’m reluctant to believe the climate Cassandras because their prophetic gifts have been found wanting. Prince Charles predicted the end of the world some time ago, but he’s been flying a private jet around the globe for the last 20 years. Meanwhile, that Swedish teenager who accuses us of killing her future is a publicity freak of Meghan Markle proportions.

More depressing than the disappearing white stuff are the manners of the people who warn us nonstop about global warming. Never have I met a ruder kind: young, usually bearded in both sexes, and like all annoying types, holier-than-thou. Mind you, some of us oldies think that the hot air emanating from the climate warriors who protest at the drop of a hat are the real cause of the snow’s disappearance. My son, who as a teenager used to lean left, has finally...

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