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Hooters Against Misogyny: The Paradox of Femen(ism)

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By:Aaron D. Wolf | February 24, 2014

First came the whirlwind Pussy Riot American tour.  And now the Boobish Invasion continues, with the Eastern European “topless sextremists” known as Femen threatening to descend on the United States like a Satanic Swedish Bikini Team.

The picture that accompanies this article in Tina Brown’s Daily Beast is a little “NSFW,” and the interview that follows is not safe for common sense. But the gist of it is that these breast-baring babes are already looking beyond their current protests in Ukraine to expand their market in the United States.  Apparently urinating publicly on head shots of Viktor Yanukovych has finally grown stale.

And after all, there is so much to piss on in the United States, which these vyches still regard as a Christian nation in need of liberation.  Thus the threat of brute excretory force, as summed up so succinctly in this pull-quote from Femen spokeshuman Inna Shevchenko: “I can't tolerate such an intolerant thing as religion.”

Inna, you’ll recall, is the twentysomething who, wearing only short-shorts and black boots, chainsawed down (also NSFW) a memorial crucifix in Kiev that had been erected to honor victims of a 1930’s famine orchestrated by Stalin. This act of desecration (her “Trash Prayer”) was meant to protest Pussy Riot’s two-year prison sentence for "hooliganism driven by religious hatred”—a result of PR’s own act of desecration, self-dubbed a “Punk Prayer.”

femen-playboyThis paradox remains: Through public and deliberately sensual nudity, Femen sexually objectifies women while claiming to protest the sexual objectification of women.  A far cry from the national geographical images of feminist days gone by, these “protestors” are hardly “transforming the sexist point of view of naked a woman’s body,” as Inna so eloquent did speeched. They are only cementing the barbarian instinct to view women as chattel, an instinct that, despite feminist rhetoric, the very Church they protest and hate has stood against ever since the days of Her Founder.

This paradox has not been lost on Pussy Riot.  When Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina appeared on stage with American has-been erotic pop star Madonna during their American tour, six current members of “the band” back in Mother Russia denounced them and said that they are no longer members of Pussy Riot, as the two have yielded to the “personality cult” and performed in the form of “traditional entertainment” with “expensive tickets”: “All this is an extreme contradiction of the very principles of the Pussy Riot collective,” declared collectivists Garadja, Fara, Shaiba, Cat, Seraphima, and Schumacher.

For these protestors of intolerance, there can be no tolerance shown to those who protest intolerance under false pretenses.  That is, unless the offending parties return to Russia and get whipped by a crazed Cossack in Sochi while being videotaped and photographed.  Or is that too personality-cultish?



Nicholas MOSES
Paris (FR)
2/25/2014 04:06 PM

  FEMEN has caused considerable mayhem in France as well. During an anti-gay marriage march in 2012, they deliberately provoked members of the SSPX-affiliated Civitas into pushing them away with brute force so they could file a complaint for assault. When Benedict XVI resigned last March, they stripped down in the Notre Dame Cathedral shouting out victory with "**** THE POPE" scrawled across their chests. Subsequently, backed by lesbian journalist Caroline Fourest and the Socialist French government, they were granted "asylum" in France and Inna Shevchenko's bust became the new model of Marianne for the national postal stamp. Then in December, one activist went up to the altar of the Madeleine Church and cut up a piece of meat in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, apparently simulating an "abortion" of the Christ Child. Scrawled across her breasts was "CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED." (Christmas still took place, by the way, even in Paris. I celebrated it 3 times with different people.)

Joe Johnson
2/25/2014 06:18 PM

  Women without souls.


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